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For several years, Sylva Native Nursery & Seed Company has strived to provide native warm season grass mixtures for application in the land reclamation and ecosystem restoration field.  These trademarked mixtures are formulated for use in wetlands and stormwater basins (Wet Mix®), dry exposed shorelines and bluffs (Shore Mix®), upland or riparian reforestation sites (Field and Forest Mix®), or to create fields of wildflowers (Meadow Mix®).

Each mixture is available in several variations, formulated specifically for differing soil types including sandy soils, clay loam, silt loam, and "generic unknown soil type."  Success of the seeding and strength of the stand is greatly improved by correlating the appropriate formulation to the specific soil on your site.

Wholesale price of each mixture starts at $15 per pound, and  fluctuates based on quantity ordered and market conditions.

Consulting Services are available for customization of specifications to site conditions and expected outcome.  Please feel free to inquire.

Seeding Hints

    As with all warm season grasses, germination of restoration seed mixes is highly dependent on good seed-soil contact.  This is best accomplished through site preparation by discing or other harrowing, and drilling using pasture or prairie grass calibration.
    If harrowing and drilling are not possible, other techniques such as raking over the seed bed or chain drag over prepared soil are sometimes acceptable substitutes.  Hydroseeding can be utilized, but sucess is dependent on seed being lodged into very friable soil with abundant interstices between soil particles.
    Seeding is best March 15 through May 15 for immediate germination and strong stand development.  Seeding at other times of the year is acceptable, but will affect the level of germination and density of the stand developed in successive seasons.  Application rates range from 40 to 80 pounds per acre and should be customized to site conditions, methods of preparation, and season of application.

Seed Mix Descriptions


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