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Trees & Shrubs C - H

Carpinus caroliniana (Musclewood, Blue Beech)
Small tree. Moist to wet soils. All zones.

Carya laciniosa (Shellbark Hickory)
Only wetland hickory. Wet Soils. All zones.

Carya glabra (Pignut Hickory)
Smooth gray bark.  Clay soils. All zones.

Carya ovata (Shagbark Hickory)
Bark peels in vertical plates. Moist soils. Mountain zone.

Carya tomentosa (Mockernut Hickory)
Cinnamon colored terminal bud. Dry to moist soils. All zones.

Ceanothus americana (New Jersey Tea)
Small shrub ground cover, rhizomatous, white flowers June to August.  Dry soils. All zones.

Celtis occidentalis (Hackberry)
Medium to large tree, corky bark.  Neutral dry soils. All zones.

Cephalanthus occidentalis (Buttonbush)
Large shrub, white ball flowers July, butterflies. Wet soils. All zones.

Cercis canadensis (Redbud)
Understory small tree, pink pea flowers. Neutral dry soils. All zones.

Chamaecyparis thyoides (Atlantic White Cedar)
Uncommon conifer. Wet soils. Coastal zone.

Chionanthus virginicus (Fringe Tree)
Medium tree or shrub, white fragrant flowers May/June.  Wetland and riparian soils. Coastal plain and piedmont.

Clethra alnifolia (Sweet Pepperbush)
Medium shrub, understory.  Moist soils. Coastal plain.

Cornus amomum (Silky Dogwood)
Large shrub, young stems red. Wet soils. All zones.

Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood)
Understory tree. Dry to moist soils. All zones.

Cornus racemosa (Gray Dogwood)
Medium shrub, white berries on red pedicels. Dry to moist soils. Mountain zone.

Cornus sericea/stolonifera (Red Osier Dogwood)
Medium shrub, bright red stems. Wet soils. Mountain zone.

Cornus americana (Hazelnut)
Medium to large shrub. Streambanks, moist soils. All zones

Crataegus phoenopyrum (Washington Hawthorne)
Small tree, white flowers in June, red fruit.  Old fields, dry soils. Piedmont and Mountain zones.

Diospyros virginiana (Persimmon)
Codominant tree, large and fleshy orange fruit; benefits wildlife. All soils. All zones.

Fraxinus americana (White Ash)
Valued lumber tree.  Well drained soils. All zones.

Fraxinus pennsylvanica (Green Ash)
Riparian tree.  Moist and wetland soils. All zones.

Gaylussacia frondosa (Huckleberry)
Forest floor shrub, black berries. Dry soils. All zones.

Hamamelis virginiana  (Witch Hazel)
Medium shrub to small tree, understory; yellow flowers in fall. Moist to dry soils.  All zones.

Hibiscus moscheutos (Marsh Mallow)
Medium shrub, large flowers, white, pink, red July and August. Wet soils. Salt tolerant. Coastal plain.

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